Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa Site Development Complete

Written by Kim Whitehouse

The Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa has reopened after a 2 year, $13m redevelopment.

The original Bathhouse building, dating from 1895, has been thoughtfully integrated into the new complex and now houses the day spa. Aspects of the original building such as the Edwardian brickwork, round windows and magnificent vaulted ceiling have been highlighted as features of the spa. The original Cornish boiler also still stands, marking the walkway between the old building and the new.

Cox Architects and Planners of Melbourne designed the new Bathhouse structure, and from the beginning the consideration of sustainability was integral in their design. This included maintaining the cultural heritage of the original bathhouse buildings as well as environmental sustainability concerns. The new Bathhouse and Sanctuary incorporates abundant natural light and ecological materials such as recycled and plantation-grown ironbark. The timber used for the columns and outriggers of the Bathhouse is recycled and re-sawn ironbark sourced from a 100 year old pier. Ecological considerations such as managing the use of natural mineral water resources and the minimisation of energy used in the building and ongoing operation of the Bathhouse were taken into account from the start of the project.

The new complex harmoniously blends the heritage Edwardian buildings with the new state-of-the-art construction to provide a beautiful environment that adds to the relaxation and enjoyment provided therein.