Our unique water therapies combine the healing power of touch with the restoring element of water.

Exfoliating Vichy Therapy

45 Minutes

As you relax on our beautiful, nature inspired table, multiple shower jets drench your body with a warm stimulating spray of water. Your therapist will deliver an invigorating salt exfoliation, to smooth and replenish your skin, leaving the body feeling silky smoothed and refreshed.

Tuesday to Thursday $175                Friday to Monday & Public Holidays $185

Detox Thermal Therapy

60 Minutes

Awaken your senses with this invigorating, detoxifying body treatment. This unique water therapy treatment is performed in our hydrotherapy pod. Vichy Shower, Steam, Aromatherapy and a Wet table are all incorporated for you to experience a true hydrotherapy treatment.

Your treatment will commence with an invigorating salt exfoliation, to smooth and replenish your skin. A warm Rhassoul Clay is then applied to the skin, the pure 100% natural detoxifying and cleansing benefits of the clay is derived from volcanic lava and is rich in minerals that are beneficial for the skin.As your body absorbs the enriching minerals a refreshing facial cleanse and de-stress scalp massage is performed.

To complete your treatment a nourishing body moisturiser is applied with the effective results of key essential Moroccan oil blends and elixirs with prized Argan oil. You will be destined to switch off, relax your body and care for your skin.

  • Body Exfoliation

  • Body Mask

  • Hydrotherapy Pod, Vichy Shower & Aroma Steam

  • Body Moisturiser

Tuesday to Thursday $235            Friday to Monday & Public Holidays $245