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Ballarat Begonia Festival Regional Itinerary

So, your heading to the Ballarat Begonia Festival to see Ballarat blooming!

Why not make a weekend of it?

There are many fabulous places that will blow your hair back, food to devour and experiences which will create lifelong memories – all between Ballarat and Melbourne.

Here’s an itinerary where you will discover the quirky, the interesting and the unique experiences only found in our part of the world.


Ballarat Begonia Festival Regional Itinerary

1. Ballarat Begonia Festival

Ballarat Botanical Gardens, Gillies St North, North Ballarat VIC
March Saturday 7th to Monday the 9th
10am – 5pm

2. Creswick

Creswick is a short drive from Ballarat & Daylesford. The town is well known for its walking and cycling trails, pubs, restaurants and cafes and several unique attractions in and around the town. Its also the birthplace of one of Australia’s most notable artists, Norman Lindsay whose sumptuous nudes were highly controversial in the early 1900’s. He also wrote and illustrated the Australian children’s classic “The Magic Pudding” in 1918.

Creswick Woolen Mill

Creswick Woollen Mills
Railway Parade, Creswick VIC 3363
Open 9am – 5pm 7 DAYS

For a unique shopping experience like no other, pay a visit to the Creswick Woollen Mills – not only are you browsing an excellent range of sustainable, eco-friendly products made with high-quality materials, but you can see for yourself how it all gets made!

“A Very Fine Yarn” is an interactive exhibition to showcase the incredible process natural fibres go through, and the complete history of the mill. There is also have a delicious cafe where you can dig into some mouth-watering, locally sourced produce after you’ve had enough of shopping.

3. Hepburn Springs - Daylesford

Australia’s Spa Country – discover wellness, authenticity and Instagrammable locations at every turn. Art galleries, unique foodie destinations, designer clothes, natural fibres, homewares and an ambience of eccentricity. A destination you will return to again and again.

Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa
Mineral Springs Reserve Road, Hepburn Springs VIC 3461

9am – 6.30pm Monday – Thursday
9am – 9pm Friday
8am – 9pm Saturday
8am – 6.30pm Sunday

Nestled in the valley of the Mineral Springs Reserve is the iconic Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa. Take your tastebuds on a tour of discovery throughout the reserve where Natural Sparkling Mineral Water gurgles from the ground.

Experience true peace with a relaxing soak in the natural mineral water, drawn straight from the source at the Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa. For a truly memorable experience, we recommend the Sanctuary Retreat where you’ll have exclusive access to the luxurious healing and wellness facilities.
Recline, relax & submerge.

Convent Gallery

The Convent Gallery
Corner of Hill and Daly Streets, Daylesford, Victoria 3460
Open 10am – 4pm 7 days

Described as ‘The most beautiful gallery in Australia', the Convent Gallery presents local, national and international artists working in a variety of media and styles. ... Built on a hill with spectacular views overlooking Daylesford and beyond this award-winning art gallery boasts decadent retail areas, restaurant, bar and lounge, a restored chapel, nun’s museum, all surrounded by six acres of stunning gardens. Hidden treasures around every corner for your discovery.

4. Trentham

Tiny Trentham not only sits high atop the stunning landscape of the Great Dividing Range but it punches above its weight in the foodie stakes. A quaint village retaining many historical buildings and a charming streetscape also boasts drop-dead pretty botanical gardens and shady tree-lined streets (not to mention the main street has even featured in several movies, but Trentham is too modest to boast of such things).

Trentham’s soil is fabulous for growing some of the country’s best spuds along with a veritable cornucopia of seasonal produce. From chestnuts and cherries to heirloom fruits and olives, there isn’t much that won’t flourish in this rich volcanic dirt.

Trentham Falls

Trentham Falls

Stunning Trentham Falls is one of the longest single drop waterfalls in Victoria, plunging some 32 metres over ancient basalt columns. It's particularly magnificent after large rainfall which creates the strongest flow. The noise and power of the falls are quite remarkable.

If you haven’t experienced many waterfalls, it’s certainly worth popping in to admire mother nature’s ferocity. Surrounded by lush bushland, the moss-covered falls are in the Coliban River Scenic Reserve, which protects original vegetation including the beautiful manna gum, messmate, narrow-leaved peppermint and in spring wildflowers paint the bushland floor with a myriad of colours. It’s an easy walk from the carpark to the viewing area, so pack a picnic basket and enjoy!

The Historic Redbeard Bakery
Wolff Lane Trentham Victoria 3458
Open Friday - Monday 8am to 5pm

If you are travelling through central Victoria, you must drop-in and experience all that is The Historic Redbeard Bakery. Famous for its organic, sourdough bread, baked in a huge wood-fired, 19th century Scotch oven you have no doubt seen these amazing bakers in action on your go-to foodie channel.

If not – this is your opportunity to watch the artisan bakers loading the oven with long peels (bakers shovels) through the viewing window. Enjoy delicious, contemporary Australian café food with excellent coffee, local beers and ciders. A MUST DO - take home a loaf fresh out of the oven.

5. Blackwood

The tiny and historic gold mining town of Blackwood sits at the northern end of the Lerderderg State Park in the Macedon Ranges. While there is little remaining gold when the price is right mining still occurs in the area. Today Blackwood, with its timber cottages, is situated amidst the eucalyptus-covered hills and its main attractions are bushwalking, exploring the gold rush history of the town and wandering around the genuinely fascinating historic cemetery.

Garden of St Erth

Garden of St Erth
189 Simmons Reef Rd, Blackwood, Victoria, 3458
Open 9am – 5pm 7 days

Where to start?

The Garden of St Erth is a must-stop destination for any garden-loving human! This rambling delight has been lovingly cultivated by The Diggers Club since 1996 and with 3000 varieties of plants, the garden is an example of what can be achieved in Australian conditions.

The gardeners at the Garden of St Erth use organic practices, producing large amounts of compost to further build up the quality of the soil. In the food garden, they use intensive French horticultural practices to get as much produce as possible from small plots of land.

A paradise, the Garden of St Erth has a garden café, plant nursery, gardeners retail shop, undulating heirloom perennial, fruit and vegetable gardens and recently added luxury Glamping.

by Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa      Feb 19th 2020