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Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa launches Extreme Bathing Experience

You don’t need to be a certified ice queen… but you will have to ‘let it go’ a little if you want to embrace Victoria’s coolest new bathing experience.

To celebrate Global Wellness Day (June 9th), Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa is launching a unique new bathing experience - Extreme Bathing for health.

In addition to the unique mineral waters of Hepburn, the power of ice and meditation will be combined in both self-guided and intensive workshop experiences.

Extreme Bathing takes place within Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa’s luxury Sanctuary, which launched with new plunge pools and a Mineral Hamman in 2016. The all-new 15min self-guided audio experience includes immersion in water of 4 degrees for 5 minutes and a meditative journey using bespoke breathing techniques. Pre-arranged group workshop courses (6hrs) for Extreme Bathing go deeper into the practice and its myriad benefits.

Ice bathing has been common practice for many well know athletes – including tennis ace Andy Murray – and many of our local footy stars. However, the benefits of Nordic bathing go well beyond sports recovery.

“Cold immersion is based on the strength of the mind and undertaking a journey of breath work and meditation before entering the water. This type of experience allows us to awaken our body and mind in a refreshing and renewed approach,” says Karen Golden, General Manager of Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa.

Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa’s workshop trainer, Zane Curwen-Walker, says the range of benefits from Nordic bathing techniques is vast but includes improved sleep and energy levels, weight loss and a decrease in the symptoms of depression.

“Research is suggesting that depression is, as many conditions, an inflammatory disease relating specifically to increased inflammation in the brain. Cold immersion (1-5°C for 2-5 minutes) has shown considerable results in the treatment of inflammation, substantially reducing inflammatory cytokines in the blood results of test subjects. The link is then made that by reducing inflammation through the body and the brain we can reduce the severity of depression.”

Curwen-Walker says cold immersion is also known to increase hormones and neurotransmitters in the endocrine system. “Noradrenaline is released in the brain and is associated with focus and mental clarity while testosterone is also stimulated – a hormone that is known to have a large part to play in mood regulation.”

He also believes those seeking weight loss can benefit from the treatment.

“Cold immersion therapy has also been shown to regenerate and activate brown adipose tissue (brown fat) stores within the body. The increased activity leads to improved thermoregulation, meaning that subjects are able to better regulate their own core temperatures in cold conditions and as a result will increase their metabolic rate in accordance with the increased energy consumption.”

Another major benefit is improved sleep cycles.

“Brown fat is also associated with melatonin production, a hormone that plays a major role in our wake and sleep cycles. Studies suggest that melatonin production during our night time sleep cycle may be linked to a decrease in body temperature,” he adds.

Extreme Bathing packages include both self-guided visits and an Extreme Bathing Master Experience Workshop.

The Extreme Bathing Self-Guided Experience includes 2hrs entry to the Sanctuary, the self-guided audio tour, access to the ice bath and other bathing facilities.

Tues-Thursday $158 p/p.
Friday-Monday $198 p/p.



The Extreme Bathing Master Experience Workshop involves a 4 to 6hr intensive course on the practices and benefits of Nordic bathing, an instructor-led bathing experience and a 60min Hepburn Massage.

1 Day Extreme Bathing Workshop $195
1 Day Extreme Bathing Workshop + Hepburn Massage + Santuary $395 p/p.

by Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa      Jun 5th 2018