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Playtime at the Pavilion

School Holiday fun in Hepburn

Looking for things to do in with kids these holidays? Looking for some options to keep your small ones smiling? The Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa have free activities and attractions to keep even the toughest tiny customers entertained; be they bookworms, speed demons or petite patrons of the great outdoors.


Giant Games

Chess and Connect Four are both great games for you and your kids and don’t have to be the world champion to enjoy them. They help concentration, improves memory and reading skills and the best part of these brain-inducing benefits is that they just come naturally.



We have heaps of balls, trucks, hula hoops, skipping ropes and toys. Encourage your little ones to play outside and enjoy the outdoors.


Cosy Reading Nook

Nothing gives children a better head-start in life than fostering a love of books and of reading. The cozy, comfortable, and entertaining reading nook in the historic Hepburn Pavilion will give your kids every reason to fall in love with the world of books and reading. It’s also a wonderful way to snuggle up and engage in a story with your little ones.



Explore the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve

Families have enjoyed visiting the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve since the 1860’s. Generations of community members have looked after the Reserve, preserving its beauty and amenity for the enjoyment of all.

During the school holidays bring your family to take some time out explore the natural wonders in the Reserve. Follow a meandering trail, stop to listen to the kookaburras or squat on a patch of grass to enjoy a picnic.



Playtime at the Pavilion – School Holiday fun in Hepburn

When: School Holidays 6-22nd Aprils
Where: Hepburn Pavilion


by Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa      Mar 27th 2019