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World Wellness Weekend & Forest Bathing

The 21st and 22nd September 2019 is World Wellness Weekend and the Hepburn Wellness crew have been thinking about what makes us all feel well.

After much deliberation we found the answer is, green forest medicine. The sound of nothing, the slow pace. It’s meditation for the soul.

We think it could have something to do with the colour.

Green Tea, Green Superfoods and Green Smoothies are all the rage for our internal health. So, does this colour have something to do with a form of physical therapy where you walk, lay or sit – surrounded only by trees? It’s actually a ‘practice’ called Forest Bathing and we recommend the following: 

Step 1: Banish the phone. Let go of objects. Just be.

Step 2: Walk, lie or sit among the trees.

Step 3: Set the pace from the outset, slow your mind, slow your body.

Step 4: Use all five senses:  Taste, Touch, Smell, See and Hear.

Step 5: Allow the silence in. Connect with nature.

by Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa      Sep 13th 2019