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Social spa

Soothe the soul scalp & neck massage

Experience this highly effective, stress relieving ritual in the comfort of our purpose built Social Spa.

This intensive therapeutic foot therapy will soothe and revitalise your achy tired feet. Incorporating an invigorating mineral foot soak and smoothing exfoliation; followed by cleansing and detoxifying warm clay masque, enriched in earthen minerals.

Following your stress relieving ritual, a beautifully relaxing scalp and neck massage is performed while you sit back and take in the surrounds of the iconic Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa.

  • Mineral Foot Soak
  • Mineral Mud Wrap
  • Scalp Massage
  • Minty Massage
from  $99
Social spa

Warming herbal minerals foot massage & soak

At Hepburn Social Spa peppermint is infused into a warm foot soak to soothe and smooth the feet. A unique specialised massage and stretch techniques are used to give you relaxing benefits from your toes to your hips.

  • Magnesium Massage
  • Foot Rasp & Herbal Scrub
from  $139
Social spa

Volcanic mineral feet massage

Melt away the stress and reconnect as warm polished stones are placed strategically along pressure points of your feet and legs. In smooth flowing strokes the stones soothe aching muscles and relieve tension.

As your stress and worries disappear you allow your mind to relax at the deepest level. Hot stone therapy is perfect for achieving mental wellness.

  • Hot Stone Massage
from  $$139
Social spa

'wake them up' minty foot massage & soak

Indulge with an open air social spa experience and minty foot massage that will leave your skin invigorated.

The foot spa treatment not only wakes up tired feet but gives them soothing relief they need.

  • Foot Rasp
  • Foot Soak & Peppermint Scrub
  • Magnesium Massage
from  $149
Social spa

Ultimate mineral hand & feet indulgence

We all know that a good body massage can give us the relaxation our busy lives need. However one thing that works double time but often gets overlooked are our feet and hands.

Your ultimate Social Spa experience will have your fingers and toes thanking us and rewarding you.

Sit back and relax while our qualified therapists give you the pampering you deserve meanwhile taking in the luxurious surrounds of the Iconic Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa and Spring Creek.

  • Mineral Foot Soak
  • Hand and Foot Exfoliation
  • Hand and Foot Masque
  • Hand and Foot Massage
from  $149