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Discover the healing powers of our minerals

Enjoy the warm mineral waters of the Relaxation Pool and Spa Pool in the Bathhouse or opt for the Salt Therapy Pool, Spa Couches and Aroma Steam Room in The Sanctuary.


The ultimate in relaxation

The spa pool contains a mineral water mix heated to ~35°C. Recline on an underwater spa couch in the healing waters and enjoy a hydro massage.


Nourish & replenish your body

Our unique water therapies combine the healing power of touch with the restoring element of water.


Emerge feeling relaxed and revived

Drawn straight from the source, our private pure mineral water baths offer a holistic bathing experience.

Mineral Rejuvenation Steam Therapy (with facial)

Mineral Rejuvenation Steam Therapy (with facial)


Replenish your body in the warmth of your very own private steam room. As you lay in comfort on our steam treatment bed, your therapist will gently exfoliate your body with a hint of vanilla.

You are then enveloped in a comforting organic honey & cocoa body wrap to rejuvenate and hydrate. The therapeutic wet heat opens the pores of your skin which aids in body detoxification, purifies and soothes aching muscles and leaves your skin silky soft.

To complete this decadent ritual a nourishing body balm is applied to replenish, nourish and hydrate.

  • 45 minute Organic Facial

  • 45 minute Steam Therapy (with Therapist)

    • Vanilla Body Exfoliation

    • Honey & Cocoa Body Wrap

Tuesday to Thursday: $369
Friday to Monday: $389